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Move your

Digital Transformation Vision to Reality

Simplify, Innovate and Reimagine business models to continuously capture and realize the benefits of digital transformation

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How we partner?

Newer technologies are truly making a huge impact on driving transformation. To realize benefits, companies' approach to adopt these technologies is critical. DataPattern can help. 



Every situation is unique, particularly manufacturing, energy, healthcare and hi-tech companies who have legacy systems with strict regulations need to evolve their strategy considering multiple varying factors.


DataPattern can help defining goals and roadmap for digital transformation using domain skills and experience. 


IIoT, ML, AI or RPA will (must) impact your current work processes - maintenance, operations, budgets, purchase, projects. Companies needs to prepare for change in business models too. Many companies miss out on planning or effectively executing this stage.

DataPattern with deep understanding on workflows can support seamless integration of new technologies into your work processes. 



Companies will need to consider long term impacts of technology choice and benefit from growth rather than technology being a hinderance. This will provide peace of mind not just the IT team but also for all business stakeholders.

DataPattern with knowledge on different products and experience of cloud, on-prem, hybrid can recommend and implement robust tools to take your business to next levels. 

City Skyline
City Skyline


Metal Grinder Tool

Realize vision of smart factory

Image by Dmitry Demidko

Provide integrated solutions to manage money

Wind Turbines

Smart ways to bring energy to the world

Image by Thomas Millot

Deliver better experiences 

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Connect securely and realize value

Insurance Agent

Enhance business while protecting its vital assets

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Consulting and Advisory Services

Outcome Driven

  • Business case development for digital investments

  • Business value estimation / validation

  • Use Case definition & validations

  • Digital Transformation program roadmap

  • Change Management

  • Digital Competence Development & Training

Image by William Iven

Data and ML Engineering

Collect, Label - ​Optimize

  • Data integration

  • Tag mapping

  • Missing Data identification

  • Missing Data estimation

  • Data reconciliation - Time series issues, Events

  • Batch & Live Streaming pipelines

  • Real-time query optimization

  • Training, Validation & Test data preparation

Image by Adam Solomon


Artificial Intelligence

Easy, Fast, Secure


  • Sensor Evaluation

  • Integration Methodologies

  • Edge intelligence

  • Domain Centric Analytics

Phone App

Applications Development

Design, Develop, Implement

  • Unsupervised Deep Learning Models

  • Complex System of Systems Analytics

  • Anomaly detection

  • Predictive Solutions

  • End-2-End Use Case deployment

Engineering Tools

Product Engineering

Exceeding Expectations

  • CyberSecurity

  • UI/UX Design

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Cloud Enablement

  • Online Portals

  • Voice Services

Brainstorm Team Meeting

DevOps and MLOps

Automate Effectively


DevOps: Develop, Deliver, Operate 

  • Marry Agile, Lean, ITIL and Six Sigma DMAIC principles

  • Generate a custom-built framework

  • Framework includes, Requirement decomposition, Architecture, Build, Test, CE / CI / CD, Secure pipe, Value Stream.

MLOps: Train, Deploy, Monitor

  • Key Framework:  Train-Package-Validate-Deploy-Monitor

  • Provide market standard tools for ML lifecycle

Phone App

Cyber Security

Peace of mind

  • Information Security and Risk Assessments

  • Security Monitoring

  • Cloud Security Consulting

  • Malware Analysis

  • Outsourcingservices

  • Add-on securehosting, storage and monitoring services

  • 24x7 NOC services

  • Training 

Engineering Tools

Robotic Process Automation

Seamless​ processes

  • RPA Assessment

  • Process Evaluation and Optimization

  • RPA Design, Development and Deployment

  • Managed Services and Robot Health checks

  • Training

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Cloud Services

Exceeding Expectations

  • Application Migration 

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Businessman and Businesswoman

Speech to Text for Industries

Work easy

  • Prepare technical reports through speech

  • Update work orders through speech

  • Prepare technical reports through speech

  • Summarize meetings - Automated Minutes of Meeting

  • Pull out asset and operations data

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