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Realize the vision of smart factory

Changing industry dynamics demands companies to maximize efficiency and adopt newer business models. DataPattern is equipped to support you in this complex transformation.

  • Identify business opportunities and implement digital solutions to accelerate value capture

  • Build the capabilities to enable connected, data driven decision making to enhance manufacturing quality performance, ultimately leading to improved EBITDA and improved sales

  • Develop deep process understanding by connecting, collecting, and analyzing the “islands of data” that exist in multiple formats across manufacturing.

  • Improved employee engagement through modern, job-specific digital tools that drive actions to improve quality, reduce downtime, and improve performance

  • Support continuous improvement through collecting data and analyzing insights on output quality and performance relative to operator behavior, process and equipment settings, and ambient conditions

Industries - Manufacturing


Smarter ways to bring energy to the world

Dynamic changes in oil & gas markets demands producers to be reliable and nimble to adjust effectively. DataPattern provides the tools to personas at different levels in the organization for quick and informed decision making. 


Enable Executive Management to 

  • Reduce Operating expenditure on maintenance

  • Optimize Capital Budgeting

  • Institutionalize individual asset and operational knowledge

Enable Asset life cycle planners to economically perform

  • Asset health prioritization for maintenance planning

  • Identify remaining useful life for asset renewal planning

Enable Field Maintenance teams to

  • Remotely monitor and diagnose asset problems

  • Receive real time alarm capability for asset issues be intelligent and pro-active in day to day operations

Industries - Energy
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Digital Health

Connect Patients, Providers and Payers

Healthcare providers and payers look for better tools to compete and to comply with regulations.  

  • Integrated EHR/EMR/PHR

  • Physician/Patient Portals

  • Health Information Exchange (HIE)

  • Healthcare Interoperability (HL7 and DICOM)

  • Practice Management Systems

  • Integration Services

  • Clinical Registry

  • Patient Insight and Satisfaction

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Laboratory Information and Management Systems

  • Mobile Health, SaaS/Healthcare Cloud Enablement Solutions

  • Revenue Cycle Management, e-Prescription and Billing systems

Industries - Digital Health
Financial Report

Financial Services

Coming Soon!!

Industries - Financial Services


Transmitting signals to connect your loved ones and keep you connected to the world by breaking the distance barrier.


Work from home is now the new normal.

Telecom companies have started seeing a massive increase in customers and we help them to deliver uninterrupted service.  Below are some of products we offers

  • Customer 360 – Platform agnostic cloud-based High-end data mart to keep customer features to provide a 360-degree view     

  • One Billing One View  - Consolidated all bills into one system one only for the customer also for the company to simplify the overhead 

  • Self Serve installation -  Customer-friendly portal for a less effort self-installation of home and wireless products

  • AI ML Predictions – Enable predictive model building for preventing churn, upsell, cross sell and more 

  • Real-Time Campaigns – Integrate your website to capture customer events, run through prediction, assign right offer and deliver to campaign systems

Electronic Circuit
Industries - Telecom
Financial Report


Coming Soon!!

Industries - Insurance


Improving customer satisfaction and realize operational excellence


Satisfying consumer needs by collaborating multi retail channels across brick & mortar and eCommerce. With COVID working from home has become the new normal.  7 out of 10 will be using computers and do online shopping.  We help companies to:

  • Online Shopping - Setup a new eCommerce website including website contents, payment handling and more

  • OSS – One Stock System keeping control on brick & mortar and eCommerce sales

  • Loyalty Program – Create multi-tier loyalty features that will make every customer special

  • OGS – One Global System – Let it be UPC, SKU, ASIN or anything we will help to design one system that can help to keep track of products across the globe

  • Product Reference and Market Reference – Create a database to maintain product features and market features that will help to create offers

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Industries - retail
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