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Future Glitch
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Work from home is the New Normal

Laser Cutting

Transmitting signals to connect your loved ones and keep you connected to the world by breaking the distance barrier.

  • Telecom companies have started seeing a massive increase in customers and we help them to deliver uninterrupted service.  Below are some of products we offers

  • Customer 360 – Platform agnostic cloud-based High-end data mart to keep customer features to provide a 360-degree view     

  • One Billing One View  - Consolidated all bills into one system one only for the customer also for the company to simplify the overhead 

  • Self Serve installation -  Customer-friendly portal for a less effort self-installation of home and wireless products

  • AI ML Predictions – Enable predictive model building for preventing churn, upsell, cross sell and more 

  • Real-Time Campaigns – Integrate your website to capture customer events, run through prediction, assign right offer and deliver to campaign systems

Use Cases




Energy Maximization


Plant Control Tower

OEE insights

Recipe Optimization


Health Monitoring

Budget Planning


Continuous Product Inspections

Golden Batch


truck on dirt

World's leading Mineral mining & processing company

Quadcopter Drone

Major Bay area HiTech company

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