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MLOps - Machine Learning and



Train, Deploy, Monitor


The art of ingesting Machine Learning phases into the traditional DevOps will transition it to ML OPS.  TRAIN – DEPLOY – MONITOR are the 3 magic words of ML OPS.  We at Data Patterns affiliate the features in DevOps with efficient ML model building techniques with all necessary security aspects to form the ML OPS.

Everything as listed in the DevOps!

  • The key stages addressed in the framework:  Train -> Package -> Validate -> Deploy -> Monitor

  • Provide market standard tools to be used in the different stage of the ML life cycle

  • On-Prem, Cloud and Hybrid deployment & monitor framework

  • Model lineage and Traceability by different out of the box KPIs

  • Guidance on model building, choosing hyperparameter, determining key contributor etc

  • Strategies to determine Prediction vs Actual

  • ML Health dashboard gadgets and widgets

  • Technology agnostics – SAS, Sagemaker (AWS), Azure ML and more

  • On top of CE / CI / CD, we handle CT – Continuous Training (Auto Training / Decision biased training)

Study current environment

Have an expert team work with the customer to understand the current foot print of servers, applications, technology stack, operations and other components available.


Capture Requirement and decompose

Help the customers to understand what they need, why they need and what is the value associated with the need. 

Capture the need and document. 

Whether an enormous paragraph in word or a one-liner EPIC in JIRA, we guide to decompose into smaller valuable chunks. 



Guide on a “well – architecture framework” in AWS or enhance the on-prem Datacenter or extend the on-prem data cetner with a public cloud in AZURE or (the list keeping going …), we have experts in designing a robust platform with an easy framework to deliver quicker value.


Design, Build and Test

Create deisngs to meet MVP in incremental delivery

Guide book on Market Standards with best practices for a defect-free build

Mechanics to automate the unit test, acceptance test, regression test, integration test, stress test etc.

A complete scaled agile framework with SAFe, simple & easy scrum teams, Scrum + Kanban or a hybrid delivery model based on the organization’s cultre & maturity level will be created


CE / CI / CD

Enable team to explore, integrate and deploy in an iterative manner using various approaches like Blue-Green pattern  Canary Pattern / Dark Launch, Cluster immune release pattern, feature toggle etc.


Secure pipe

Security is the heart beat.

Pipeline integrated with security tools for an automated vulnerability check in every step and stage


Value Stream, Feedback and Feedfoward

Customize the framework as per your organization value stream using eliminating waster with handoff, limit batch size & work in progress, transparent flow,  technical debt dissolver and more.

Establish tools and process to capture feedback and keep track until necessary actions are taken.

Also help in creating the culture of providing suggestion for future to go forward and not just what happened in the past.

Use Cases




Energy Maximization


Plant Control Tower

OEE insights

Recipe Optimization


Health Monitoring

Budget Planning


Continuous Product Inspections

Golden Batch


truck on dirt

World's leading Mineral mining & processing company

Quadcopter Drone

Major Bay area HiTech company

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